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twin dinghies

Single-hand performance boats.

The roomy cockpit lets you invite your

friend to sail together, though.


LOA   3.50 m or 3.70 m

Beam   1.60 m

Draft   0.125 m

Draft (db down)   0.75 m or 0.80 m

Hull weight   70 kg or 75 kg

Sail area (cat)   7.5 sq m

Sail area (sloop)   8.5 sq m

Building plans (3.5m)

Building plans (3.7m)




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Picture of the boat built by István

Kövecses, and equipped with

rigging from the Oz Goose.


Miguel Di Vietro sent me some

pictures about the larger twin

under construction.


Photos from Brazil from Daniel.


Bolesław Czerwiński (Poland)

said his New Year's resolution is

to build a boat. Two years later,

the dinghy heeled excessively

about to a training capsize.


Stanislav Umnikov of Russia

rescaled the 3.7m dinghy to

get 3.5 m in length, and have

narrower hull to take his boat out

of the workshop.


Tasos Papadopoulos (Greece)

sails on the 3.7m dinghy together

with his girlfriend.


I received the picture from

Italy. Daniele Pietrellini plans

the 5.0m yawl as his next boat.


Joel Assunção (Brazil): I found

a lot of interesting things

about amateur boat building,

which encouraged me to start

my own project.


Martin Anido from Argentina

chose the 3.7m twin to learn how

to build, and then how to sail

a boat.