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3.0m tender

Simple sailing and rowing boat. You need only

one thickness of plywood, and one size of timber

to build the hull.


LOA   3.00 m

Beam   1.40 m

Draft   0.10 m

Draft (db down)   0.55 m

Hull weight   55 kg

Sail area (bermuda)   5.0 sq m

Sail area (lateen)   4.0 sq m

Building plans




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Jochem Berends: I am looking

for a boat that is portable enough

to transport on the roof rack, get

around with myself and my little

son and/or daughter, be able to

store in my garage. It should be

suitable to row, but likewise to

be extended to sail as well.



I ran into the boat on YouTube.


The idea was to get it on the

water as soon as possible, and

to have a working/fishing boat -

Juan Manuel Martorell, Argentina



Vladimir Pogodin: right now I am

using my boat to fish. It is a peak

season for pike, zander and perch.


Only a little is needed, and

the tender is ready to launch -

Matthias Schacher, Germany.


Andrea Betti (Italy) decided to

use lateen sail to avoid bumps

on the head. He also made

the boat loader that helps him

put the tender on his car's roof.