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4.2m skiff

Rowing boat with an additional sail to take

your leisure time in light breeze.


LOA   4.20 m

Beam   1.40 m

Draft   0.125 m

Draft (db down)   0.66 m

Hull weight   70 kg

Sail area (lug)   6.5 sq m

Sail area (sprit)   6.5 sq m

Building plans




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My classmates and I built the boat

and I may say it was a great

experience - David Segura and

Arrayanes boatbuilding team,



Lechosław Napierała, Poland.

He hesitated about details, but

ultimately his choices were right.


Early spring at the pond near

Warsaw (Poland). Łukasz

Derlaciński's skiff in action

just after launching.


Péter Erdélyi (Hungary): my main

view point was the following - free

plans, easy building, classic open

deck... The boat and blog about.


Tomasz Klepacki's boat has

increased mainsail area with

a jib added (Poland).


Benno Stander, South Africa:

I bought my wood today, so I can

start working on my boat.






The daggerboard case is about

to be ready for installation to

the bottom - Genady Khokhlov,



Sorin Radu has almost finished

his boat building project -



Rowing-only version of the

skiff completed successfully

in Ireland.


Fabio Gionco of Brazil got started

in boats with a scale model.


Respected boat reviewer

Robert Hoffman suggests

a yawl rig for the skiff.