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3.1m tender

Tiny sailing boat, which makes her handy in operation,

and easy to build and store in the garage. You can carry

her on a car's roof rack.


LOA   3.10 m

Beam   1.40 m

Draft   0.10 m

Draft (db down)   0.65 m

Hull weight   50 kg

Sail area (main)   5.5 sq m

Sail area (main and jib)   6.5 sq m

Building plans

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Tomasz Szczepaniak works

intensively to free up the

workshop lent to him on time.



Marc von Felten: here

my children are sailing on

Lake Thun (Switzerland).


Oscar Raviscioni (Argentina)

bought the tender a few days

ago. He has only to finish details

and put sails.


The boat built by Martins

Dambergs from Latvia.


Zbigniew Ostapiuk builds the

previous version of the tender

(equipped with the thwart).


Tomasz Chilicki phoned

me countless times asking

to explain details about

his boat building - Poland.


The boat planing in strong

wind - Sergei Funtov, Russia.


Christoph Bollinger sent me

a picture from Switzerland of

the stitched and partly taped

boat. Christoph adapted his

windsurf sail for the first trip.


Sean Gawne-Mark ordered

sails as a kit to make your

own - Pennsylvania, USA.