Radosław Werszko - wooden dinghy designer and builder



2.6m pram

Boat for a child that is suitable for learning to sail,

or just for fun. Some adults have also sailed her.


LOA   2.60 m

Beam   1.30 m

Draft   0.075 m

Draft (db down)   0.53 m

Hull weight   40 kg

Sail area   4.5 sq m

Building plans


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Jan Weber: finally, she got ready

on the 16th of June. She wanted

to swim soon. Naming and

maiden voyage were on the 23rd

in Steinhude, Lower Saxony



One more sailing and rowing

version taken during the sunset

in Argentina.


Ruslan's boat - Ukraine.


When Andreas Reisinger

decided to build his third

homemade boat, he

stumbled upon plans to

the pram. Andreas has also

made a bike trailer to

transport the boat to the

nearest water - Austria.


Another boat from Poland

ferreted out on the Internet.


Vitalik's boat on the river

Dniester - Ukraine.


Winfried's young sons caught

him studying the plans some

months ago... and now their

mission got accomplished -



The boat built in Germany by

Michael and his son.


Fabiano Jacob of Brazil

intends to teach children to

build the pram.


Daniel Mayo-Smith

convinced his wood shop

teacher to let him make

a boat - New Zealand.


Veikko Oeser built the boat

as a gift for one of his best

friends - Germany.


Rafael Delazzeri of Brazil

has also finished his pram.


Another boat is launched

in Australia by Logan Stuart.


Wiesław Zieleśkiewicz of

Poland rescaled his boat

to fit into a bit larger existing

sail, and added a thwart.